February 13, 2009

Magically In Love

This is the Hauntingly Beautiful Magical Mountain captured by Jackie. She's running a contest for the Best Story that we can comes up with that goes with this photo. I was never a good story teller and i don't think i will ever be a good one. However, in support with her beautiful photo, I've decided to join in the fun. So Jackie, here's my story. Hope you'll like it! :)

Behind this thick mist, lies a pack of mountain peoples who lives in the mountain top. There are about hundreds of them and each with a family of their own. Because their group is so small, they know each others dearly and care for each others like their own families. Whenever there are strangers, they would welcome them with hospitality and help them back on their track home. You could instantly feel the love cause they are all magically in love.

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