August 26, 2007

My Testimony

I was unfamiliar with the name "Jesus Christ" when I was young, because I was born into a Buddhist family. I was very bad tempered and thought of suiciding everytime my siblings or parents make me sad. The negative thoughts were injected into my mind from television chinese series.
Thanks to my sister's friend whom invited us over to her home for a Good Friday prayer meeting, Jesus was then introduced to me when I was 13 years old. I did not accept Christ on that day, but I kept the little booklet containing the salvation prayer. I started to pray to Jesus when I bumped into little troubles at school, eg; forgot to bring my exercise book, forgot to bring extra clothes to change during PE, etc... God helped me go through each of it easily. I didn't get scolding from my teachers.

Then God sent angels to help me to know Him better. Those angels are my friends; Sharon, Sh'n, Wai Nee, Chin Yee, Siew Yee, Siew Ling, Sio Chin, Praveen, Alan, Xiao Wen and Ms. Eileen. Together we attended our school's Christian Fellowship. And I confessed the "Salvation Prayer". At first, my parents strongly disagreed with my decision. I was disallowed from going to church on Sundays. But slowly, they began to accept it which I think is because of the transformation in my attitude. I've became slow to anger and I do not think of suiciding anymore. All because of God's Words. He said that it was a sin to commit suicide.

God was so real in my life when I was in secondary school. My faith was on fire for Him. I attended church camps and seminars. And was baptized in Holy Spirit. And it was few wonderfuls years.

My faith started to dim after my secondary school. I was busy with my college assignments and friends, that I didn't have time for God. However, I did not completely ignore God. I prayed when I remember or in need of help. Then God sent an angel to remind me of Him. That angel is my darling; Martin. We've helped each others to know God better. Together we attended the RCIA classes and were baptized in Holy Water on 10 April 2004. We had each others back, so it's quite hard (tho' it happens sometimes) to slide away from God. His father's constant reminders to attend mass is one of the reasons we're still intact in our relationship with God.

Since the first day I accepted Christ, I always pray for my families' salvation. I love them so very much that I wanted all of us to be able to meet Jesus and gather in Heaven. On the outlook, my prayers doesn't seemed to be answered. But I was wrong.

On 16 September 2006, my dad passed away in a road accident. My families and I were hit strongly by the news. It was like a dream. We could not accept it because we never thought that he would go so early and not in this way. On that day, My darling & I kept praying for my father, that he will be accepted into God's kingdom. I was heart-broken. I just kept praying to God for His mercy to bring my dad to heaven. My dad have been working very hard for us and I don't want him to suffer anymore after his death. And on the first night, Uncle Mike (Martin's dad whom God uses as His beautiful instrument), told us that my dad have known Jesus after his death. Praise the Lord, O most High! I was overjoyed. I thought my dad would not be able to have a chance in heaven because in his life, he has never go to church nor show any interest in Jesus. God works in a way we will not understand. Tho' it seems like He did not answer our prayers but He's working in a way we cannot understand.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart & do not rely on your own insight, in all your ways acknowledge Him, & He will make straight your path.~Proverbs 3:5-6"

Along my journey with Him, I've gone through alot of obstacles and I am still struggling. I hang on to God, because I believed that He is moulding me now. When all of these have passed, I'll become a strong person in faith and in attitude.

"To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.~Hebrews 11:1"


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